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Who is GAFI (General Authority for Investment & Free zones)?

The General Authority for Investment Is the principal governmental authority concerned with regulating and facilitating investment, and stands ready to assist investors worldwide.

GAFI broadened its scope from the traditional regulatory framework into a more effective and proactive investment promotion agency through its Research and Market Intelligence, Promotion and Facilitation and Investor Aftercare bodies 

GAFI also represents Egypt’s sole "One Stop Shop" for investment, which aims at easing the way for investors worldwide to take advantage of the opportunities in Egypt’s promising emerging market. GAFI makes emphasis on various investment opportunities that lie ahead in different sectors throughout the Egyptian economy. With this objective, GAFI holds its responsibility through developing communicational campaigns and assisting its image accentuating the improved investment climate in Egypt worldwide

Symbios & GAFI cooperation & what they went through:

The cooperation between Symbios & GAFI was held to measure customers’ (investors’) satisfaction & their expectations & that’s to point at the strength points as well as the week points of services provided from GAFI with a view to seek ways of improvement & development in the performance of services provided.

GAFI went through an agreement with Symbios consulting when Symbios role was to measure external customers’ satisfaction (investors) about the service provided from GAFI through conducting a survey for companies & installations and that’s to point at data, complains, & suggestions needed for this task (mission).

Symbios achievements:

1. Symbios visited 1050 company from Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, 6th of October, 10th of Ramadan, Suez, Port Saied, Ismailia, Asyut, & Banisuief to measure customers’ satisfaction (Egyptian investors-Arab investors-Foreigner investors) through surveys which was asking about:

a) Investment environment in Egypt

b) Quality of service at GAFI

c) Bench marketing GAFI with other authorities that deals with investors 

The final report submitted & presented to GAFI included the major problems stated by companies, their ideas for improving Egyptian environment for investment and their ideas about improving the services provided by GAFI as well The report addresses some ideas discussed by GAFI about attraction of new & big investors to Egypt these ideas are currently under study by GAFI.

2. Symbios measured employees’ satisfaction (1300 employee-58% of total GAFI employees) & highlighted main issues for them.

The survey covers all different departments of GAFI, all different hierarchy levels, & covers 90% of governments

The final report includes the major complains reported by the employees as well as their ideas for improving the work environment inside GAFI.


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