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Modern Bakeries & the Implementation of the 20 keys Program

20 Keys is a powerful integrated approach that aims to build and sustain lean (improvement) strategy. It uses its powerful benchmarking tool together with the support of management to monitor the execution of company strategies as well as leading world class operations through the engagement of all employees at all levels.

This methodology helps work groups measure their current levels of performance and set targets that are aligned with the goals of senior management. In an attempt to align goals and action plans to improve performance, reduce cost and eliminate waste, Modern Bakeries with the assistance of Symbios Consulting held their mid-year Multi Level Meeting to discuss the implementation of 20 keys within every department. Modern Bakeries, a company that produces high quality bread branded as “Rich Bake” has been working on implementing ten of the 20 keys since November 2008.

Different employees were elected to lead the implementation of each key in different departments within the company. Each one of the 10 keys can be applied in different departments within the company and help in increasing productivity, reducing wastes and lessening cost. The company has been witnessing promising development and improvement since the start of the 20 keys, and the Symbios team has shown them great support since the start of the project, as every key leader stated. After measuring their productivity, Modern Bakeries found some challenges due to the lack of help and assistance from some departments, and there’s some difficulty in evaluating some departments as to see where the problem lies. “We believe that working together and implementing team work will get us closer to reaching our goal and help improve our productivity” as was stated by Amira Salem, Quality Assurance Department Head (and also 20 Keys Project Manager) during the discussion of Key 11 (Quality Assurance). 


Conserving energy and materials was also a point of concern during the discussions of the keys (namely Key 19), as all of the keys are linked together and aim for one goal which is becoming Better, Cheaper & Faster. Saving paper by using drafts, reducing the phone bill prices, drawing waste plans and creating cultural awareness by making small group activities where they can work on issues that they may come across will make work easier, as Key 3 Leader Dr. Osama Al Adl- Group Operations Director- mentioned. “We want to achieve maximum score in the applied 10 keys, as that will pave the way and will give us a push for the coming 10 keys. It is our main concern to reach development before starting our work on the other 10 keys, as there is a strong connection between all 20 keys they aren’t separated, so if we gain the necessary awareness in the first 10 keys then the rest will be easier to achieve”.

(During the workshop), the tables were then divided into departments where they were assigned to sit together to discuss and determine how their department can help and apply each key to promote and improve performance of the company as a whole. The department leader then stands and explains the tasks and improvements their department can do within each key and what will those changes and improvements do to help promote the company performance and achieve overall company targets.


Amr El Helaly-CEO- was greatly pleased with the amount of improvement and development that has been witnessed while working on the implementation of the 10 keys. “Developing ourselves is part of our company, our aim is to grow so we have to be up to date and have a strong infra-structure to help us grow. 20 keys will help us set the base for us to grow constantly without stumbling.” When asked about what made “Modern Bakeries” decide to implement the 20 keys methodology in their company Mr. El Helaly explained that an IMC meeting was held to discuss the Lean Six Sigma and it was then that the collective decision was made to implement the 20 keys with Symbios Consulting at their company. “Our goal is to grow with no limits, as we have been working on many things such as the ISO certificate and many more to achieve growth and development, and 20 keys will get us a step closer to perfection with the hard work, help and support that has been shown by our employees and the Symbios Team”.


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