Lean Black Belt Plus Silver Preparation


What is it?

1- “A plan to help the supervisor produce greater quantities of quality product in less time and cost by making the best use of manpower, machines, and materials that are now available.”
2- A dynamic program of hands on learning & practice that teaches essential skills for supervisors, team leaders or anyone who directs the work of others
3- It's an essential element of Lean Manufacturing programs around the world including the Toyota Production System
4- It's proven methods generate cooperation and positive employee relations
5- Teaches supervisors how to quickly and correctly train employees
6- Establish and maintain standardized work
7- Sustain continuous improvement
8- Create a safe work environment
9- program has delivered impressive results over 60 years of implementation by transforming it's approach through class and on-the-job training and leveraging the power of employees
10- In this program, supervisors will learn about how each of the program 4 modules come together to create a culture that supports standardized work and continuous improvement :
A-Job instruction
B-Job methods
C-Job relations
D-Job safety

Why this program?

* Newly assigned team leaders and supervisors should quickly learn to work through people
* Supervisors need 2 types of skills to perform their job properly
1- Knowledge of the work:
Machines, tools, processes, operations, products and how they are made and used.
2- Knowledge of responsibilities:
Policies, agreements, rules, regulations, schedules, interdepartmental relationships.
Skills to be built through the Program
* Skills of instructing
* Skills to leading people
* Skills in improving methods
Being able to prepare work instructions
Become competent in the concepts, tools and methodology of Lean Manufacturing
Take notice of abnormalities and address them right away
Making sure that operators do their jobs according to standards
* Create a good working environment
Why It's a powerful tool?
* It is simple
* It helps people achieve standard work
* It develops a culture rather than jumping to solutions
* It's the heart of T.P.S. and has been implemented successfully since the World War II
* When people develop their own standard work, they starve to make it happen

History of the program

* It's a training program that was created on the 40's to boost war production
* “Experienced men are being drained out of war plants [to fight overseas].”
* “The production experience and the ability of new people who come into plants now are constantly lower. And this will get worse.”
* “Training must therefore be better – it must fit these people into production quickly so that the stream of quality war goods does not slow down.

Program Admission Requirements

* Supervisors
* Foremen
* First line leaders
* Education background: High Institute BSc, High School Industrial Diploma , Labour Universities graduates,..etc
* Years of experience: min 2 years of experience
* Pass interview and written test

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